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More than half of the wheat harvest has been completed
DATE: 2020-06-09      SOURCE: Division of International Cooperation

The nationwide winter wheat harvest has entered a peak period from May 28, and has exceeded 10 million mu for 9 consecutive days. As of June 5, the country has harvested 170 million mu of winter wheat, and the wheat harvest is more than half of the progress, about 3 days earlier than normal. This year, more than 40,000 agricultural machinery service organizations and more than 3 million agricultural machinery operators nationwide have invested in the front line of mechanized operation services for summer harvest and summer planting, and become the main force of "Three Summers" agricultural production.

Recently, wheat has matured in North China, and the main battlefield of the "Three Summers" wheat machine has moved northward. In the rush to harvest wheat, summer tube and summer sowing immediately launched at the same time. All regions are carrying out “Three Summers” full-scale mechanized production on-site demonstrations, field days and other activities, vigorously promoting green and efficient mechanized technologies such as automatic driving, returning straw to the field, no-till seeding, high-efficiency plant protection and drying on-site, and give full play to the leading role of agricultural machinery service organizations, and improve the quality and efficiency of the "Three Summers" production, which helps to lay a solid foundation for the annual harvest.

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