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Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs promotes agricultural machinery to ensure spring plowing Over 20 million pieces of machinery would be applied
DATE: 2020-03-06      SOURCE: Division of International Cooperation

At present, the spring plowing has started in China. Rural epidemic prevention and control and agricultural production are two focuses of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MARA). Concrete and detailed measures will be taken in the development of agricultural machines and tools to guarantee the progress and quality of this year’s spring plowing. According to the latest information, it is estimated that over 20 million pieces of machinery would be mobilized. Hubei province has organized 20,000 plant protection machines for weeding, and 30,000 tillage machines and 24,000 rice transplanters will also be under operation at the end of March to ensure the production of early-season rice in April.

It is said that while curbing the spread of the epidemic, MARA takes the following measures to guarantee spring plowing:

First, online service. In some places, it is difficult to train the operators on site, or to receive machinery operation orders. So the government sets up online service stations, training over two million operators, and overhauling 6.2 million machines. Meanwhile, more information on agricultural machinery has been offered to the service stations to help get more operation orders online, and to promote machines, such as automatic tractor, high-speed planter, and plant protection drone, which are less used but with high efficiency.

Second, sales promotion. Mobile app and remote videos have been launched to facilitate the purchase of machines. The Ministry coordinates the machinery companies to return to work, and encourages telephone appointments and spot-to-spot delivery.

Third, smooth transfer. MARA, together with the Ministry of Transport, incorporates the agricultural machinery into the emergency supplies and allows access of Green Channel. The consignor can download the permits from the government website to enjoy favorable measures, including no blocking, no inspection, no charging, and traffic priority of agricultural machines.

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